1) Who is Adam for?
Adam is the app for travellers who want take advantage of long waits in stations, airports etc. and meet people who are there for the same reasons, travelling for work or leisure.

2) How does it work?
Adam shows on a map all the travellers who are in the same place where you are, so that you can contact them. Thanks to the calendar, you can as well let them know in advance where you will be and when, in order to better arrange the meeting.

3) How can I register on Adam?
Click on the link Register, top-right of your screen. Registration takes just a few minutes and you'll be ready to use Adam immediately.

4) Is registration free or do I have to pay to use Adam?
Registration is free and use is free as well.

5) Where can I download Adam app?
Adam app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Click on the links in the website footer to download it.

6) Are all OS supported?
At the moment Adam is available for iOS on iPhone and iPad and for Android. Otherwise you can login from the website on any OS and browser. The website is responsive, suitable for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

7) What should I do to meet people travelling close to me?
All you need to do is to register and fill in the basic information (the more detailed your description, the better will matching be performed), including the places you are visiting/going to visit. On the map you will view all the users that are or will be close to you: have a look at their personal information and contact the ones you want to get in touch with.

8) Who can see my personal information?
It's your choice: it depends on how you set up your profile. You can show your personal information to registered users only or to everybody.

9) What should I do if I do not want to use Adam anymore?
You can remove your user at any moment: by doing this you will cancel all your personal data, as well.